Our Community Behaviours

Newsteer has a balanced and exciting workplace culture with a focus on colleagues, clients and community. Our Community Behaviours set out our commitment to promoting an inclusive and diverse workspace where everyone feels supported.


Consider using individual names or ‘To Whom It May Concern’ or ‘Team’ and use appropriate terminology. Refer to members of Newsteer as colleagues as opposed to ‘staff’.

Meetings & Presentations

When addressing the room consider using terms possible. such as ‘everyone’ or ‘all’. Encourage a diverse group of attendees where possible


Take steps to actively challenge this type of behaviour internally & externally. For example, encourage more senior colleagues to offer and make coffees/ take notes at a meeting and encourage junior colleagues to take lead roles in meetings, presentations etc. peers to avoid this influencing behaviour or decisions.

Unconscious Bias

Be self aware that this exists and raise awareness amongst peers to avoid this influencing behaviour or decisions.

Mindful Responses

Have a considered response and be mindful of all parties involved when responding to any unexpected or challenging situations and always treat others with respect and kindness.


We are committed to these behaviours and will monitor regularly through our internal processes.

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