Working at Newsteer

We are an emerging multi-disciplinary property consultancy based in Central London providing town planning, development advisory, agency and corporate advisory services. We provide expert consultancy  services within a number of sectors including residential, retail, commercial, alternative and the leisure markets. Our wealth of individual and collective experience, coupled with the collaborative approach embedded in our business,  has allowed us to deliver success for a number of high profile clients across all sectors.

We set up Newsteer  recognising an opportunity to align our business approach and our values with the way we work and the needs of our clients and partners. Our approach is not constrained by business models or out moded structures. We embrace new ways of thinking, using new technologies to advance the projects and places that our teams work with. We promote a ‘Three C’s’ approach: –

Clients: We are working to replace the traditional rigid “you and us” approach with one where we operate effectively as an integral and flexible part of your in-house team. Our advice to reflect the needs of your Business, directed to add value to you – rather than repetitive industry advice.

Colleagues:  We support and enable everyone to reach their full potential in a devolved, highly self- deterministic environment. Each individual in our Business is allowed to make a difference.

Community:  Real Estate and the wider built environment has often been seen as “turning its back” on communities and the environment. At Newsteer we believe good real estate decisions support and improve the communities we live in and our wider environment. Our advice and our actions reflect this.

Our experience is that this approach leads to a motivated and happy team, that gives great advice and leads to better outcomes for us, our industry partners and our communities. We aim to provide a genuine, high quality and different choice in the markets that we serve.

Current Openings

  • We currently have no open positions