May 2, 2024 Newsteer Staff
2nd May 2024

#OurSteer – Making more of ‘24

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Yesterday we hosted our annual breakfast event presenting #OurSteer on the challenges of regeneration. Bringing together like-minded clients and collaborators, we explored the topic, ‘Making more of ’24 – What to do when the money runs out’ – to a completely packed out venue!

Many thanks to our keynote speaker, Joe Garrod, Acting Strategic Director of Place for London Borough of Waltham Forest. He was also joined by panelists Elise Baudon (Managing Director, Prior + Partners), James Scott (Co-Founder, Stories), Archika Kumar (Head of Estate Regeneration, LB Brent)  and David Conboy (Director of CPO & Regeneration, Newsteer). Key themes discussed included:

  • The criticality of bringing management into the early stages of design
  • Using low points in the cycle to strategise and concisely explain the ‘why’
  • Getting the gatekeepers aligned to be outcome focused
  • How we could be entering a golden age of partnerships.

Thanks to everyone who attended. The breakfast event provided a platform for meaningful dialogue and collaboration on the challenges and opportunities of regeneration. As we navigate the complexities of an ever-changing landscape, the insights shared at the event serve as valuable guideposts for shaping a more sustainable and vibrant future.

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