The development consultancy and viability team has extensive experience in evaluating the optimum mix of development uses, assisting in risk identification and mitigation and identifying opportunities to maximum value and deliverability for development sites and surplus property assets.


We carry out development options appraisals to test the risk, viability, return and strategy for various scenarios for each asset, including portfolio strategy/estate rationalisation to inform asset management strategy, financial viability assessments and disposal strategy.


Whether a client wants to realise capital value, create an income stream, find a delivery partner to build a scheme with a profit share or manage a project themselves we have extensive national experience with a wide range of land owning institutions such as Corporate clients, NHS Trusts, charities, Local Authorities, and Listed Funds.


We also provide comprehensive and expert advice in the funding strategies for mixed use regeneration schemes, advising clients on forward funding, forward sales and facilitating joint venture negotiations.